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Get Away With Banning M855 “Green Tip” AR-15 Ammo!


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Dear Concerned American,

If you own an AR-15, and don’t want your sources of inexpensive, effective ammunition to be ripped away from you, then you absolutely must read every word of this urgent letter.

Because if you don’t act now, your AR-15 could get turned into nothing more than an expensive paper weight because you won’t ever be able to get ammunition for it again ...

This is 1,000 times worse than any ammo shortage we’ve suffered over the past few years ...

And it affects anyone who owns guns (not just AR-15 owners, although they’re the first target as always).

In short, if you care at all about your rights as an American you must know what’s going on.

Here’s the story ...

In the dead of night on February 13, 2015, the ATF rammed through a unilateral ban on M855 “green tip” ammo.

As if that wasn’t bad enough – the way they’ve justified their ban – they could use this same reasoning to ban all AR-15 ammunition in the near future.

In short, this is nothing more than ....

The Biggest “Back Door” Attempt At Gun Control
the Federal Government Has Ever Attempted!

And I’m counting on you today to make sure we don’t let this stand.

Here’s what you need to know ...

Obama has publically stated that his gun control failures are his “biggest frustration” ... and ... he wants Australian style gun control in the USA (universal registration and Federal confiscation) ...

So far, every direct attempt at gun control by Obama’s administration has failed ...

That’s why the ATF is trying to sneak their way in the “back door” to gun control by simply banning ammunition ...

And this new gun control measure by the ATF is aimed squarely at disarming the American public of one of the most popular types of AR-15 ammunition.

The most popular rifle in America is the AR-15 and it uses 5.56/.223 Remington ammunition ...

Now, the two most common 5.56 rounds are the 55gr M193 and the 62gr “green tip” M855. Both of these are full metal jacket (FMJ) designs originally used by the military and have been widely available for sale to civilians for over 30+ years ...

The ATF has announced that they’re now banning the 62gr M855 because they claim that it has no sporting purpose and is armor piercing and that they must do it to “protect law enforcement officers” ...

In 1986, the ATF had previously exempted M855 ammunition from being labeled “armor piercing” because it found it “has been recognized as being suitable for target shooting with rifles due to its accuracy” ...

However, now they are claiming that this ammunition must be banned because it can be used in both “AR-type” rifles and “AR-type” handguns.

And simply because it can be fired from a semi-automatic handgun, they claim they can ban it in the name of officer safety in accordance with the provisions governing armor piecing ammunition were originally enacted in the Law Enforcement Officers Protection Act of 1986 (P.L. 99-408) (“LEOPA”)

In short, if a rifle round can also ... possibly ... in any way ... be used in a semi-automatic handgun, then it is a danger to police officers and must be banned.

The problem is: it’s a complete lie!

M855 is not a threat to police officers.

Our research has found no news reports of police officers ever having been shot with M855 ammunition. Nor have their ever been any reports of an AR-15 type pistol loaded with M855 ammunition being used to kill a police officer.

In fact, a 2006 U.S. Department of Justice study found ZERO instances where an “AR-type” firearm was used to kill police officers.

Much less an “AR-type” pistol loaded with M855 ammunition that defeated an officer’s body armor ...

In other words, the ATF is creating an imaginary reason for banning one of the most common types of AR-15 ammunition available to civilians.

Why? Simply because they can’t ban your access to this rifle, so they want to make it harder for you to get cheap, reliable, ammunition for your AR-15 – the most popular rifle in America.

Now, even if you don’t care about M855 ammunition, here’s what you must understand ...

This Ruling Gives The ATF a Backdoor To
Ban All AR-15 Ammunition In The Future!

The ATF is claiming that they are making this change to “protect the lives and safety of law enforcement officers from the threat posed by ammunition capable of penetrating a protective vest” ...

Essentially the ATF is arguing that if a rifle round falls under the definition of “Armor piercing” and can penetrate a police officer’s protective vest ...

AND there is a possibility that it can be fired from a semi-automatic handgun ...

Then they have the authority to ban it as armor piercing ammunition.

As you might know ...

Protective vests commonly worn by police officers are generally of the “soft body armor” type and only rated to stop common handgun rounds .

That means all AR-15 ammunition will penetrate common protective vests worn by police officers on patrol because all AR-15 ammunition are rifle rounds ...

So it stands to reason that if the ATF can get away with banning M855 because it can penetrate protective vests ... and because it can be fired from an “AR-type” pistol ... then they can ban every single type of AR-15 ammunition in existence because they can all penetrate soft body armor designed to stop nothing bigger than .357 magnum handgun rounds!

And make no mistake ...

The timing of this scandal is not accidental ...

The facts are ...

President Obama is serving his last term in office. He has no reason to hold back on pushing gun control measures because he is not worried about being re-elected.

His administration, and the ATF specifically, will do everything in their power to strip American citizens of their rights to bear arms ...

And if they can’t do that with outright gun bans then they will use “back door” methods to make your rights impotent because they know that a gun without ammunition is little more than a paperweight.

This is how Americans—
how you will lose your rights
— one inch at a time ...

When the 2nd Amendment was written the founders made it clear that guns were necessary to ensure the survival of the new system of liberty—the first of its kind—they had founded in America

Contrary to the ideas of anti-gun politicians – it was fully intended that every day American citizens would own “military grade” weaponry.

In fact, during the American Revolution, in a country of less than 4 million people, there are records for at least 2,200 privately owned warships.

Even as late as 1925, anyone with $225 could purchase a fully automatic Thompson Submachine Gun (the famous “Tommy Gun”) by mail order, or from the local hardware or sporting goods store.

It wasn’t until President Franklin Roosevelt passed the National Firearms Act (NFA) of 1934 that American’s started to see the first inch of Federal gun control strip their rights as machine guns, short barreled rifles, and other items such as silencers were regulated ...

In 1968, more and more inches were taken with the passing of the Gun Control Act of 1968 (GCA). This is actually one of the laws the ATF is using to try to ban this ammo.

These Gun Control Tactics Are Based On
The Nazi Weapons Law of 1938 ...

The “Gun Control Act” of 1968 (GCA) attempts to regulate whether a firearm or its ammunition is legal for you and I based upon whether it has a “sporting purpose” or not.

What most people don’t realize is that this language was written into the GCA by Senator Thomas Dodd, a Senator who would shortly after be censured and thrown out of office because of rampant corruption ...

It’s widely believed Senator Dodd got the idea for the “sporting purposes test” from the Nazi gun control schemes used to disarm their civilians and murder them ...

Senator Dodd personally owned a copy of the Nazi Weapons Law of 1938 and according to extensive research, the GCA tracks the Nazi Weapons Law of 1938 in structure in effect.

The most obvious connection is the “sporting purposes test” – matching the Nazi law almost word-for-word once translated – that is now being twisted to ban M855 ammunition.

The GCA also asserts that the power to determine whether a firearm or ammunition has a “sporting purpose” is vested in the Secretary of the Treasury. The Nazi Weapons Law gave the same power to its own unelected bureaucracy.

That’s why I must ask you to ...


Gun control is not about guns. It’s about control.

The roots of the current law being used by the ATF to attempt to ban one of the most common forms of AR-15 ammunition are straight out of the Nazi Weapons Law playbook ...

As gun owners ... as Americans ... we can’t let this stand.

Sign the petition below against
the ATF banning M855 ammunition.

If you do nothing, you will lose another source of cheap, accurate, very versatile ammunition that can be used for anything from defending your family, to hunting, to target shooting ...

If you think that this does not concern you because you are a hunter ... or you don’t like AR-15’s ... or you only care about your particular ammo because you don’t use M855, then you are wrong.

If you don’t speak up now ... if you don’t stand against this ban ... then who will speak up for you when the ATF suddenly decides – during the cover of darkness over a holiday weekend – that your favorite ammunition is now unlawful?

Get Angry!

And please sign the petition below.

Only by fighting for our rights, by standing up as a unified force of Americans can we make the un-elected bureaucrats in Washington understand that they can’t change our lives and direct our futures whenever they want to change their own moods.

That’s why I’m sure I can count on you to sign our petition.

There’s an old saying that applies perfectly in this situation, "silence gives consent."

If you do not sign this petition, these power-hungry bureaucrats will know no one cares about its rules.

They’ll think this enormous grab for power by the ATF has not angered anyone.

So please, say something, because this is the moment of truth.

Your signature gives decisive democratic legitimacy to the efforts of our organization Prepared Gun Owners.

And after signing the petition, please forward this message to all your contacts. Share it on Facebook. Put it on whatever Social Media you have.

Tell them it's time to act.

There’s no time to lose.

Thank you.

We will keep you informed on the progress of our efforts.

Caleb Lee
President of


Dear ATF,

I strongly oppose reclassifying M855 ammunition as armor piercing!

Because of the high lead-content of its bullet, M855 does not even meet the BATFE's own definition of armor piercing ammunition.

M855 is simply accurate ammunition that has been used for sporting purposes for many years. I myself use it.

Nothing, including new handguns that are capable of shooting M855 ammunition, changes that fact.

Finally, the recent rulings by the United States Supreme Court that the Second Amendment protects an individual's right to keep and bear arms, by necessity also protects an individual's right to have ammunition designed for use with those arms.


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